Times Flies but not memories

As the saying goes; ‘life happens’ and whilst it may have been relatively rare just 100 years ago – Now, reaching their 50th birthday for some is only slightly more than ‘half way’ – Its celebration time, your parents (Mom or Dad) are turning 50 today, Its time that you gear up and let history repeat itself. Remember how they worked hard to make your birthday a big celebration when you were young. Now it’s your time to do the same.

At this special moment, you as their children can thank them for everything they have done for you and have achieved in their life, and highlight that you are now looking forward to do and try new things which they haven’t yet done. Treat it like a new beginning and revitalize the number 50.


Celebrating your parents 50th birthday can be challenging as your parents are not aged enough to make them feel nostalgic about the years behind them and make then prepare for a retirement life. So how can you make it special? If your parents birthday are near to each other’s then celebrating them together is not a bad idea. Following are some tips which can make your preparations easier


Try and find out few how your parents were before their marriage about parents through their friends and family. Also find out how they met and got married. Based on this research you can frame a theme.



With the help of invitation you can bring the yesteryears come alive. A good idea is to go retro, like invitation in the form of video cassette, vinyl records,70s dress code and retro music can make them feel in their youth again



If yours parents have relocated from their place of birth to some other time then you can surprise them by organising a party in that town where they spent their childhood.



Other than family members and close friend make that extra effort to get in touch with your parent’s old friend and invite them, so that they can have a mini reunion on their special day.


I am sure what ever little you do for your parents they would always appreciate it would fall in love with the number 50 and cherish it all through their life. It can even turn out to be one of that nostalgic even, therefore try and add some fun loving bit so that it does not leave a tear in your parent’s eye definitely a joyous one..



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