Who does not want a Destination Wedding?—Think twice!!

Everybody is aware of the Big Fat Indian wedding, however just recently there has been a new concept to the existing big fat Indian wedding and that is the concept of destination Wedding. People who wish to celebrate their wedding in a well-known destination such as a private beach; a palace and even a safari park in order to leave that niche often take into consideration an idea of a destination wedding. Following are few of the things which must be kept in mind while planning a destination wedding.

  1. Pick the Perfect Spotstunning-destination-in-goa-madeira-cottage-lawns

First and foremost ,its most important to do your research and short list the perfect destination for your wedding keeping in mind the weather, proximity and last but not the least feasibility to pull of your wedding.

Book in advanceindian-destination-wedding-mexico-jaysethphotos-42

If you wish to book a hotel on a beach side or a palace, then make sure that you sort out and plan your arrangements in advance as these venues may be booked already especially during tourist season. If you wish to celebrate it internationally, then make arrangements with the airlines well in advance.

Plan your expensesmoney-rupee-_0

Destination weddings are synonymous with huge expenses, however the budgeted expenses may not always be decisive, therefore always keep a buffer for the last minute out of pocket expenses.

Research on the legal requirements82723796

If you wish to tie your knot internationally, then it’s wise to research well about the legal requirement. Quite often there are some residency requirements in order to marry in some other country. For example in order to get married in England you need to spend a minimum of 7 days before getting legally married.

Seek help from the locals
Liam-Collard_Wedding_Samui_Destination_Indian-1003 How so ever controlled you may be, you would not be able to beat the locals. If you are planning your wedding in some far flanged area then it is wise to seek help from the locals, so that you can rely on them for any last minute requirements. You can hire a coordinator or outsource this work to an event planner.

Keep a strict watch on the time


Destination wedding can be very strict in time management, both formally as well as naturally. If you are planning to do a destination wedding on some island then keep in mind the tides and the rain God showering their blessing. Many Island also practice the island time therefore it’s better to advise your vendors accordingly

Double check your vendors


Destination wedding may involve lots of planning and arrangement, therefore in order to make it a real success it is important to double check everything is set right even if it involves a visit or two to the venue. Even if you have outsourced the entire event to an event management company, it is still better to show some involvement.

Set the expectations right

Book air tickets india

If you are planning for an international wedding then it is always better to inform your friends and family well in advance so that they can manage their visa and airline tickets. Do not get upset if few of your friends or family members cannot make it due to travel complexities.

Dress for the occasion


It’s true that every Indian Bride wants to wear heavy bridal leghna and an Indian groom wants to wear sherwani, however keep in mind the humid climate of the island which might wash away your makeup due to sweat. Therefore plan your make up and apparel accordingly.







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