Pre-bridal Beauty Tips for Indian bride to be

All eyes would be on you. Yes you..the bride. Therefore it’s paramount to look picture perfect on your big day. It might seem to be daunting to even imagine, hundreds of pair of eyes looking at you, therefore it’s more than important to prepare in advance so that nothing goes wrong. Preparing yourself for the perfect wedding reception involves loads of things. Right from your makeup, your clothes, your hairdo, everything needs to be perfect. Below are few beauty tips which would come handy for the D-day.


Manicure is a mustwhat-should-be-a-wedding-manicure3

Pre book your manicure appointment, so that you your nails and hands look stunning. It’s advisable to go for a French manicure, in order to compliment your elegant look. Remember to choose your nail polish beforehand and discuss your nail art.

Invest in a good pedicure-5-step-diy-home-pedicure

Often brides to be lay too much attention on their face and forget about their feet and toe. By investing in a  good pedicure not only you get a chance to flatter your feet in open toed sandals but also enjoy some relaxation which would help you going for the big event.

Get rid of your skin problemarticle-201512017215662516000

If you anticipate having a skin problem such as moles, pigmentation etc. then it is wise to visit a dermatologist before booking an appointment with the beautician. If you have frequent skin problems, the heavy makeup might just flare up things therefore treat yourself well in advance so that further appointments with the beautician pays off.

Invest in beauty treatmentsjiva_gift

Apart from the D-day makeup; it’s important to make your skin feel ready. It’s important to have a clear canvass which can be accomplished by spa and oxy facials. More details packages can be made use of such as cleansing, toning and exfoliation. Other than making you look vibrant it would also provide you with relaxation

Lay special focus on your trousseau1273361_Wallpaper2

Don’t get too swayed by the glitzy pages of the magazine showing expensive bridal wear. In fact invest in something which is not only classy but also makes you feel comfortable. The best way to get some brilliant ideas is to survey wholesalers and mix and match which suits your best. Its not a bad idea to incorporate your own ideas.


A lot reflect from your hairdo-South-Indian-Bridal-Hair-Style1

Don’t worry if you are not blessed with long tresses. The bridal market is loaded with artificial hair and wigs. All you have to do is sit with your beauty consultant and decide on the hairstyle which suits you. Remember your reception may be a long day therefore always selects a hairdo which would remain intact during all your moods.  If you are not a fan of permanent hair color better to go in for highlighters.

By following the above tips and advice, its sure you’ll have a rocking time and tomorrow when you flip the pages of your wedding album you would be more than proud of yourself and value how your hard work paid off.






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