5 Tips Which Will Help You To Enjoy Your Alone Time

Many people view alone time as a boon to their existence. Do you, too? Or do you view it as a fate worse than death? If you spend your free time pacing your apartment instead of relaxing and having a hot cuppa, then I have good news for you. Below are a few tips which will successfully help you to actually enjoy your alone time with yourself. 

1. Ease Into Alone Time

If it is just the thought of spending some time alone makes your blood run cold, then you need to start off slowly. Don’t directly jump onto binge-watching Netflix series. Start by building up your tolerance and try to find activities that interest you, be it Indian web series or mortal kombat games, anything that helps you to distract yourself while you are alone. And hey, don’t worry – you might just find it enjoyable. 

2. Be Your Own Source Of Validation

I understand that it feels great to get constant attention through texts and weekend plans, but take a break and ask yourself, why do you exactly crave for this 24/7? Could the possible reason be that you don’t really know how to give yourself a self-worthy validation? If this is the case, then spending some time alone is the best shot you have got. Just put your phone aside, and try to enjoy your own company.

3. Get On Board With Those Hobbies

Some people sight the reason that they get bored when they are alone. If that’s your problem too, then it’s time that you snag some new hobbies for yourself. Use your alone time to snap some new hobbies like reading, painting, cooking or knitting. You can use your time to try some new, unexplored territories without any distractions. 

4. Don’t Check Your Phone

Another tip to love your alone time is to give up on your phone. Commit to yourself that you’ll not check your phone till the time you are alone with yourself. Checking your phone time and again will only defeat the whole purpose of enjoying your alone time as you’re more likely to check your instagram feeds, reply to whatsapp messages and step right back into your social sphere.

5. It’s Time To Be Your True Self

Imagine, what all you can do if you have an evening dedicated to yourself. Isn’t that an exciting prospect in itself? You can dance around in your underwear, watch some embarrassing cartoons or eat a whole tub of ice cream by yourself!






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